City Information

         Shivamogga District ( ಶಿವಮೊಗ್ಗ ಜಿಲ್ಲೆ ) is an Administrative district in the state of Karnataka in India. The district headquarters are located at Shivamogga. The district occupies an area of 70.01 km² km² and had a population of 3,22,650 (2011 C). It is 6 and a half hour drive from Bangalore(276 km by train 266km).

Brief about Shivamogga city:- The name of the city is derived from the term Shiva-Mukha, meaning Face of shiva. An alternative etymology is that the name is derived from the term Sihi-Moge, meaning Sweet Pot. The district formed the southern tip of Emperor Ashoka's Mauryan Empire in third century BC. It was ruled during later centuries by the Kadambha (4th century), Chalukyas (6th century), Gangas, Rastrakutas (8th century), Hoysalas (11th century), and the Vijayanagar rulers (fifteenth century). The city got an independent identity under the Kaladi Nayaka rule during 16th century, reaching its pinnacle under the rule of Shivappa Nayaka. From the late 17th century onwards, the city was a part of the Kingdom of Mysore until the independence of India in 1947, when Mysore merged into the Republic of India.

Inviting for Smart city of Shivamogga city corproation:-

 Shivamogga City Corporation Shivamogga in Karnataka State has been selected by the Ministry of Urban Development as one of the 100 smart cities to participate in the Smart City Challenge Stage-2 by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. Shivamogga City is the head quarter of malnad region located on the western Ghats. Mainly Shivamogga City is known for its culture, education and commerce.Shivamogga City Corporation Shivamogga has to submit a Smart City Proposal (SCP) to the Ministry of Urban Development, GOI which shall outline the consultations held with the city residents and other stakeholders unfolding the aspiration of people matched with the vision contained in the smart city proposal. In order to make the smart city proposals more participatory and inclusive, Shivamogga City Corporation Shivamogga hereby invites smart livable and sustainable suggestions/ideas from citizens to make Shivamogga City as smart city.The resident are requested to post their suggestion pertaining to infrastructure services and smart solution such as water supply and recycling and conservation, energy management using smart grid, sanitation including solid waste management, efficient urban mobility, robust IT connectivity and digitization, safety and security of citizen particularly women elderly by use of CCTV surveillance, smart street lighting, public WiFi network, parking, development of non-motorized transport, sustainable environment, intelligent traffic management, energy efficient street lights, health and education services using IT enabled smart applications , innovative use of open spaces or any other feature the citizen would like to include as part of smart city vision. The citizen are also requested to post their ideas of financing of the smart city plan and the revenue model to attract private public participation etc. For any Ideas or sugestion Please mail to