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Khata Transfer- Application
Applicant Details
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Date of Application *
Deed Type
Date of Register *
Register No
Name of Current Property Owner as per Municipal Records Name of Seller or Transferor
Name of the person to whom property will be transferred Sale Amount  
Property Type Dimensions of the Site
Place of Property Khata Number of Property as in Revenue Register
Ward *  
Address of the Person
Address *
District *
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North South
Office *
Document Upload
1 Sale deed/Partition deed(In case of Sale Deed)
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2 EC(In case of Sale Deed)
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3 Tax Paid Receipt(In case of Sale Deed)
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4 Current Year Tax Receipt(In case of Sale Deed)
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5 Death Certificate(In case of Death)
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6 Living Family Member list from Tahsildar(In case of Death)
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7 Agreement for Living Family member from Tahsildar(In case of Death)
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8 EC(In case of Death)
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9 Tax Paid Receipt(In case of Death)
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10 Will deed(In case of Will deed)
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11 Death Certificate(In case of Will deed)
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12 Will Copy(In case of Will deed)
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13 EC(In case of Will deed)
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14 Tax Receipt(In case of Will deed)
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